An Awesome Ski Video & The Simplicity of Innovation

As I browse through my Twitter feed with my morning coffee, there is always one article that stands out; today was no exception.

“Professional Skier Captures a 360 Degree View of Himself by Swinging His iPhone in Circles Overhead”

Obviously I had to check it out. What followed was one of the most beautiful skiing videos I’ve seen, and it also served to emphasise that simplicity is one of the best sources of innovation.

By taking a humble piece of string, attaching it to his iPhone 6, and then swinging it round his head whilst skiing down a mountain, Nicolas Vuignier was able to create an absolutely stunning 360° slo-mo video, called Centriphone.



The idea is so simple, yet so innovative. So just look around, because the ordinary objects sitting right in front of you might be everything you need to create something extraordinary.

Interested in innovation? Check out these sports logos than contain hidden messages.

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