The Top 5 Ads of Super Bowl 50

It’s Super Bowl weekend, which can only mean one thing: commercials!

With around 115 million viewers, this year’s game is expected to have the largest television audience in U.S. history, and a 30-second spot will cost advertisers $5 million dollars.

With brands trying to outdo one another to win the attention of America’s football fans, you’re left with an eclectic mix of commercials, from the wacky and sad to the funny and bad.

So here at TSMP, we did all the hard work for you and found the top 5 ads of Super Bowl 50.

1. #Pokemon20 – Pokemon

This makes the cut for the percussion-powered soundtrack, which syncs beautifully with the action. Plus it’s Pokemon.


2. #GiveADamn – Budweiser

There are few things more American than Budweiser, and there are few things more British than Dame Helen Mirren, which makes this an unusual combination. But it’s a serious message delivered in a rather direct and effective manner. Bonus point for use of the word ‘pillock’.


3. The Gambler – Adobe

A Super Bowl ad that addresses the issue of making a Super Bowl ad. I wonder how the creators of this commercial will be feeling when they watch this.


4. Storm’s A Brewin – Death Wish Coffee

Vikings in a Longship? Check.

Epic music? Check.

Over the top speech? Check.

Reference to Valhalla? Check.

Man with beard? Check.

Everyone’s favourite caffeinated beverage? Check.


5. Text Talk – No More

Simple. Powerful. Poignant.


These are some of the best Super Bowl ads of 2016, here’s The Best Sports Ad of 2015.

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