The Minimalist NBA Project: An Introduction

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend was one of the best ever.

The Slam Dunk Contest was phenomenal, the Three-Point Contest had some of the best shooters the game has seen, and The All-Star Game itself had over 350 points. Throw in all the glitz, glamour, superstars, and celebrities, and you have the ingredients for one of the most extravagant sports events of the year.

Yet as I followed the events over the weekend, I started imagining a simpler NBA; one that was stripped of all the noise, bright lights, and excess. So I asked myself, what would a minimalist NBA look like?

The answer to this question took me to the core of a team’s visual identity: the logo. As I wrote in an earlier post, sports logos can be fairly elaborate and even contain hidden messages, so I went about giving the logo of each of the 30 NBA teams a clean and simple makeover using Elijah Zapien‘s wonderful Hipster Logo Generator.

The result is The Minimalist NBA Project by TSMP.

Over the next six weeks we’ll publish a post every Sunday, each containing the minimalist logos of one of the NBA’s six divisions: Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Pacific.

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UPDATE – 27/3/2016: All 6 parts of the project have been published and you can check them out here:

Part 1: The Atlantic Division

Part 2: The Southeast Division

Part 3: The Central Division

Part 4: The Northwest Division

Part 5: The Southwest Division

Part 6: The Pacific Division

Minimalist NBA logo.


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