The Minimalist NBA Project Part 6: Pacific Division

The sixth and final part of The Minimalist NBA Project is here with the Pacific Division.

The project has travelled from coast to coast as we started out in the Atlantic, then moved down the coast to the Southeast before rounding out the Eastern Conference in the Central states. The Western Conference opened up in the rugged Northwest and then travelled down to the arid Southwest before reaching our final stop way out west on the Pacific coast.

The Pacific Division features one of basketball’s (and sports’) most iconic teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and their famous purple and gold. They’re joined by city rivals the Los Angeles Clippers, state rivals the Sacramento Kings, and the Phoenix Suns from the Arizona desert. Rounding out the group is the current world’s number one basketball team and reigning NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors.


Golden State Warriors

Dub Nation, aka The World’s Best!


Los Angeles Clippers

Nautical but nice.


Los Angeles Lakers

Perhaps Kobe can spend his retirement boating on a lake.


Phoenix Suns

Purple seems to be a theme in this Division.


Sacramento Kings

And last but not least…


The Pacific Division


And so that ends The Minimalist NBA Project, but you can check out all the other posts from the series here:

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