The Top 8 Kobe Bryant Commercials

Kobe Bryant has played his final NBA game. After a 20 year career that included 5 NBA Championships, 33643 points – which is good enough for third in the all-time scorers list – and a serious amount of sneakers, the Black Mamba bowed out on April 13th 2016 with 60 points in a home victory of the Utah Jazz.

We at The Sports Marketing Playbook wanted to honour Kobe in TSMP style, so in tribute to his original jersey number, here are the top 8 Kobe Bryant commercials.




8. 1000 Shots | Adidas

Original Adidas Kobe.


7. Haters | Sprite

Kobe being Kobe when the hate parade began.


6. Kobe & LeBron Puppets | Nike

This is how we do it!


5. Hands | Adidas

There’s a lot of old school Adidas on this list…


4. KB8 2 | Adidas

Did Kobe use to pass the ball?


3. The Conductor | Nike

Everybody hates Kobe.


2. Kobe Vs Tim | Sprite

There are so many reasons to love this commercial.


1. Welcome To Sunny California | Adidas

Back when it all began! #nostalgia


Mamba Out!


Header image via Nike.

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