Leading: Sir Alex Ferguson Gives The Best Leadership Advice You’ll Hear Today

Leading by example, Sir Alex Ferguson transformed Manchester United into one of the most successful football clubs of all time.

He won 49 trophies over his 38-year career and since retiring in 2013 he’s taught an MBA course on leadership at Harvard Business School.

In his book, Leading, he shares the secrets behind his success. The book is structured around the core leadership values that fueled Manchester United’s success over the last 20 years. In these seven videos, Sir Alex Ferguson gives insight on some of these most important lessons.


1. Sir Alex on… DECISIONS

“Usually you make a decision too early or too late. I preferred to make them early.”


2. Sir Alex on… PREPARATION

“Whatever happens on a Saturday afternoon has already occurred on the training ground.”


3. Sir Alex on… LISTENING

“Listening provides an understanding of who people really are, what makes them tick.”


4. Sir Alex on… PIPELINE

“It’s so much easier to produce a consistent level of high performance when you nourish youngsters, help them develop, and provide the pathway to success.”


5. Sir Alex on… TEAMWORK

“Every member of a team has got to understand that they are part of a jigsaw puzzle; if you remove one piece, the picture doesn’t look right.”


6. Sir Alex on… DISTRACTIONS

“I’ve yet to encounter anyone who has achieved great success without closing themselves off to the demands of others.”


7. Sir Alex on… DISCIPLINE

“I have placed discipline above all else.”


Leading by Sir Alex Ferguson

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