The Powder Philosophy: A 99 Year Old Skier’s Life Lesson On Purpose, Reflection & Positivity

George Jedenoff retired in 1980 after a 40 year career in the steel industry. Like many retirees, he spends his time pursuing his passions. For George, that’s skiing.

He’s now 99, and he’s still skiing.

Every day.

The secret to his longevity is what George calls The Powder Philosophy.

“I have a little philosophy. I call it Powder Philosophy. So many people don’t stop to smell the flowers. You come out here and there’s something about this great, fresh air. The cold air gets in your lungs and it seems to un-cloud your brain. And you can sit back a little bit, and while you’re skiing, you have a chance to reflect a little bit on your own life.

Life is so complicated. There are so many problems, and we tend to dwell on those problems. This is an opportunity to reflect a little bit on the positive, and wonderful things you can do. And skiing gives you that opportunity that perhaps you don’t get any other way.”



The video was taken in 2016 when George was 98.

Now 99, he’s into his 57th consecutive year skiing in Utah.

And he plans to keep going into his 100s.

So the next time things get chaotic and overwhelming, think about George and his Powder Philosophy. Get some fresh air. Put on your skis. Do some sports.

And become a 99 year old athlete.

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