The Man Behind The Shark Attack: Mick Fanning’s Inspirational Story To Keep On Surfing

In July 2015, Australian surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a great white shark whilst competing at the J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Footage of the attack, which was being aired live on television, quickly went viral and news outlets across the globe picked up on the story.

We know Fanning as the surfer who survived the shark attack, but what we don’t know is the rest of his inspirational story.

“As heavy as a shark attack is, in Mick’s life, it’s probably not even up there in the top five.”

In a recent edition of E:60, titled “What Lies Beneath”, ESPN goes beyond that 30-second clip to show that paddling back out into the water was just one of the many challenges Fanning has had to overcome in life.

His story is one of bravery, resilience and the power of the human spirit, and provides us with the inspiring solace that no matter what life throws at you, just keep on surfing…



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